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Shop Policies

Instrument Trials

Instruments and bows may be taken home on approval and must be purchased or returned within 7 days. Any damages incurred during this period must be paid for whether the instrument is purchased or not.



All repairs are done on site by experienced luthiers. We cannot promise final repair prices or a cost estimate without seeing the instrument in person. Prices and turnaround time depend on the job and the current workload. All repairs, pricing, and timeline will be discussed with and approved by the customer prior to beginning the repair. We always do our best to keep to efficient and reasonable turnaround times for repairs. For repairs needed more quickly or moved to the top of the line, a rush fee may be added at the discretion of the luthier. 



Annapolis Bows & Violins stands by the instruments, bows, and other items we sell, and we consider your satisfaction to be our top priority. If you have any issues with any of your purchases, or have any questions regarding the policies on this page, please feel free to reach out and ask. 


         Instruments & Bows: Instrument and bows may be returned within 7 days, if in the same “like new” condition they were purchased. Any repair, rehair, or repairs needed may be deducted from the refund at the discretion of Annapolis Bows & Violins, as well as any applicable credit card fees associated with the transaction. 


          Cases & Accessories: Cases may be returned within 7 days, only if still in “like new” condition. 

Accessories such as rosins may be returned within 7 days, only if unopened/unused and still in “like new” condition. 


          Music Books: Book sales are final. 


          Strings: Strings may only be returned in their unopened, original packaging, within 7 days. Installed strings are not returnable unless a string is deemed defective by Annapolis Bows & Violins and returned within 7 days from purchase. Please note: Because the tonal qualities of each instrument are unique, we cannot accept string returns based on opinions of tone.




An instrument or bow originally purchased from Annapolis Bows & Violins may be traded in by the original purchaser for an instrument or bow of greater value. A reconditioning fee will be deducted from the original value, as well as any repairs needing attention. Depending on the repairs needed, Annapolis Bows & Violins reserves the right to refuse trade-in. 


Fractional sizes may be traded in for the next size up at the same value, minus the reconditioning fee. 


Student bows purchased for $75 or less cannot be traded in. 


Trades, Buybacks, & Consignments

We rarely take instruments purchased elsewhere as trade-ins; customers are always welcome to inquire via email. Please include details and pictures, and we will let you know if it is something we might be interested in. 


If the instrument or bow was purchased here, we will buy it back for 50% of the purchase price, assuming it has been kept in good condition. Any repairs needed besides normal wear and tear will be deducted from that amount. 


- A sales receipt or market appraisal from a reputable source is required for instruments not originally purchased here. 

- If you want the full value of the instrument, it is best to sell it independently. We are happy to advise on some options for this route. 

- We do not buy student-grade instruments that we did not originally sell. 

- We rarely buy instruments that we did not originally sell. When we do, we typically offer less than half of the market value. 

We do sell some instruments on consignment. Any repairs needed to get the instrument to saleable condition must be paid for before the instrument can be put  up for sale. 

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