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Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments do you sell? 

     We sell violins, violas, cellos, and bows. We also have a variety of accessories and method books that go along with these instruments! If you have a question about a specific brand of string or accessory, feel free to call us during our regular business hours. If it’s something we don’t have in stock, we may be able to order it for you. 


What instruments do you repair?

     Violin family instruments: violins, violas, cellos, and bows. (We repair/rehair bass bows, but we do not service bass instruments.) If you have another type of instrument that needs repair, we would be happy to refer you to another shop that specializes in that area. 


Is there a fee for a repair evaluation?

     There is no fee to look over an instrument and discuss a potential repair quote and timeline. If a repair/restoration needs a written estimate, there is a $45 charge which can be waived/applied to the repairs if we go ahead on the work. 

     Note: We cannot give a cost estimate over the phone or email. To get an accurate repair estimate, you must bring the instrument to the shop in person.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring a repair in?

You are welcome to bring a repair in anytime during our regular business hours! 

How do I know when my bow needs rehairing?

     A bow in need of a rehair may have several indicators: darker, dirty hair; uneven tone; and unwillingness to hold rosin are all signs that a bow may need a rehair. Bows should be rehaired regularly, so if it has been a while (or has never been rehaired), we will likely recommend it. 

Can you put my new strings on for me?

     Yes! If you purchase the strings here, there is no charge for installation. If you bring strings from elsewhere, we will charge $10 to put on a set.


Can you tune my child’s instrument?

     Absolutely - bring it by during our regular business hours and we would be happy to tune it for you.


Can you rehair my bow while I wait? 

     Same-day rehairs are available only if scheduled ahead of time, and include an additional fee. We always do our best to accommodate for schedules, or for emergencies and in cases of customers traveling from further distances. Call or email to check about our turnaround time, which depends on the current workload! In most cases, we can send a loaner bow home so playing can continue while we take the time to do the best work on your repair. 

Will you buy my instrument? 

     We are always on the lookout for instruments to add to our inventory! However, we aren’t looking for just anything. We may or may not be interested in buying your instrument, but we are always happy to take a look and let you know what we think - if not, we can certainly advise other options for rehoming your instrument.  

     Note: We suggest first sending us an email ( with details and pictures of the instrument. If it’s something we are not interested in, we can save you a trip to the shop by letting you know ahead of time. 


Do you teach lessons? 

     We do not have lesson rooms here at the shop, but to help connect students to the right teacher, we have a list of local private string teachers HERE. Reach out to teachers directly for rates and availability.


Are you hiring? 

     We are always keeping an eye open for people who may be a good fit for the team here!

Email inquiries/resume to:


Can I apprentice with you? (Where can I learn how to repair string instruments?)

      We are not set up to teach luthiers here, but we encourage everyone to learn more about their instruments! If you have interest in learning to repair string instruments, there are many wonderful options:

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