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Take Care of Your String Instrument

  • Always put the instrument and the bow back in your case and close the case when it’s not being played.  

  • Never leave your instrument in the car! Hot or cold extremes can damage the instrument. 

  • Never use a commercial furniture polish, water, wood cleaner, or any type of glue on your violin. These products can strip the varnish, weaken the glue, or otherwise ruin the instrument.  

  • If the instrument looks like it needs repairs, take it to Annapolis Bows & Violins as soon as possible to have it looked at by a professional luthier. 


Before Playing:

- Tighten the bow only enough to play; the stick should still curve towards the hair. 

- Rosin the bow only enough to make a sound when drawn across the strings. 

- Tune your violin using the fine tuners (if it’s only a little out of tune) or the tuning pegs (if it’s a lot out of tune). Use a tuner or tuner app for help!

After playing: 

- Wipe the rosin dust off the instrument and strings with a soft cloth.

- Loosen the bow until the hair touches the stick.

- Make sure to take the shoulder rest or sponge off before putting the instrument back in the case. 

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