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Annapolis Bows & Violins provides
high quality bow rehairs, instrument repairs, sales, and rentals to the string playing community in the Annapolis, Eastern Shore, and surrounding DMV area.


Business Hours: 

Sunday & Monday Closed

Tuesday        11am - 5pm
Wednesday  11am - 5pm
Thursday      11am - 5pm
Friday          11am - 3pm
By Appointment Only

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Instrument & Bow Sales

We have a selection of old and new instruments and bows in a range that can fit your needs and budget. All instruments are professionally set up in the shop for the best possible sound quality and playability. We stand behind the instruments we sell with a trade-in/trade-up policy.

Our inventory is always changing and growing, so be sure to visit to see what we have to offer!



At Annapolis Bows & Violins, we do everything to make sure our customers' instruments are operating at their fullest potential. From setups to restorations, we are happy to take care of any need you have for a violin, viola, cello, or bow.  

For questions or to inquire about repairs/adjustments not listed below, please contact.


Instrument Repairs:

Violins, Violas, & Cellos​

Bow Repairs:


New Strings
Open Seams
Crack Repair
Soundpost Patch
Varnish Touch Up

Violin, Viola, Cello, & Bass Bows

Leather Grip 
Silver Winding
Whalebone Winding
Tip Plate
Screw/Eyelet Replace
Frog Cracks
Pearl Eye
Pearl Slide
Broken Stick Repair
Head Spline


Instrument Rentals

Everything You Need to Get Started

A properly working instrument is vital in the learning process - if your instrument isn’t working well, neither is your practicing! At Annapolis Bows & Violins, we are passionate about supporting string instrument education by providing well-made, professionally set-up instruments at affordable rental prices to students of all ages and levels. 

  • All rentals include the instrument, bow, case, rosin, shoulder sponge, and microfiber cleaning cloth. Every instrument is professionally set up here in the shop to our high standards of sound and playability. 

  • If needed, we can help determine the correct size for each student. As the student grows, trade up to the next size at any time!

  • Instrument maintenance is provided and all repairs are covered by the rental fee; bring it to the shop in a timely manner and we will replace or repair it for no additional cost. This includes one bow replacement/rehair and one new set of strings per year. This does not include loss, theft, or damages caused by willful destruction. 

  • A credit/debit card is required. Rental fees are billed automatically the 1st day of each month. 

  • A percentage of your monthly fee builds store credit towards the purchase price of your instrument.


Rental Prices:

  • Violins 1/16 - 4/4   30/month

  • Violas 11" - 16.5"     35/month

  • Cellos are not available for rent at this time. 

Need lessons?
We can help with that, too! 

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Our Story

Annapolis Bows & Violins is owned and operated by Rebecca Hannigan. Rebecca is an Annapolis native who graduated from MNSE Tech (Red Wing, MN) at the top of her class for String Instrument Repair. She continued her luthier education by attending more repair/restoration, bow restoration, and bow making workshops. She has been working in music and violin shops for almost two decades in Nashville, Chicago, and Maryland. Rebecca has also continued performing in chamber groups and orchestras, including traveling to 40+ countries while entertaining aboard cruise ships. 
Recognizing the need for a resource for the many string players in the Annapolis and surrounding areas, Rebecca returned to Maryland in 2017 to open Annapolis Bows & Violins on State Circle in Downtown Annapolis. The shop quickly grew; it has become the "go-to" place for players of all ages and abilities, from near and far. In 2020, Annapolis Bows & Violins moved to a larger and more accessible location at 177 Defense Highway. 

-Belmont University Bachelor of Music - Violin Performance
-Minnesota State College Southeast Technical - String Instrument Repair
-UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute
-​Recipient of the 2015 Tarisio Young Artists Grant 
for "The Luthier's Workshop" project in Chicago. 

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